Zenith Central Co., Ltd.

We are manufacturing of printing & paper packaging per customer demand. Emphasize on cost, standard quality and period of time for customer needs. Our team have specialist skill and more experiences for production line sections.

Our quality management under ISO 9001:2015 system, including high-technology machineries processing from start to finish. With regard to the environment management and material selection for the production processes without additives contaminants, compliance to RoHS and customer environmental standards.

Quality Policy - Zenith Central aiming to the continual improvement, produce the quality products, on time delivery and satisfied customer needed.

Quality Policy(explanation)

  1. Zenith Central aiming to the continual improvement. Committed to improving the quality of the product to be of good quality. To customers, so that customers receive a quality product, including the development of personnel. Expertise in the manufacturing of the product.
  2. Produce the quality products. All employees of Zenith Central Co., Ltd. intends to produce the best quality product.
  3. On time delivery. Employees to collaborate on the production, inspection, packaging, full as customers, orders and delivery to the customer on time as customer expectation.
  4. Customer satisfaction. All employees work attention to detail that customers want products made to customer order. To most satisfy customers.
Environmental Policy - Cooperate to reduce pollution, reduce use of energy, carefully use of resources.
Growing with the development of social and environmental laws.

Environmental Policy(explanation)

Zenith Central Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and energy savings. It was conducted in conjunction with the business community. To achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the company has implemented the development of technology in the modern environment. To be fully implemented in accordance with the following policy.

  1. Campaign to raise awareness of reducing pollution. Reducing air pollution, waste water and reduce water consumption strictly.
  2. Reunite to save energy in the factory. By reducing the amount of waste in the production process. Including support to reduce and stop using substances that affect the environmental impact of products.
  3. Promote careful use of resources, by reducing industrial waste and general waste.
  4. Distribute environmental policy to employees at all levels to develop and raise awareness of environmental protection.
  5. Communicating environmental policy to business partners

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